Our Partners

VARUNA has a diverse portfolio of clients and partners that span public sectors, private sectors, government agencies, and a vast array of FMCG businesses and brands.

Our Partners


Let us help you to grow your farms

Our Smart Farming Services Platform gives you an access to the sprayer drone service and application at low cost.

Simply contact us to sign up, upload your farm location and select one of our smart farming services.

Businesses & Companies

Let us help you to grow your business

​Get crop health monitoring and yield forecast for your contract farming using satellite, drone and field data analytics on customized dashboards. Assist in preventive smart farming to detect unexpected diseases and pests.

Contact us to find out more on potential use cases and co-develop solutions.

Government agencies
& Researchers

Bring impact to millions of farmers with us

Partner with us to get access to unique data and bring smart farming services to farmers. Through our farm monitoring we provide insights to farmers how to improve yield and reduce costs. Use this information to optimize land use and crop types, better plan national Agri-Tech policies and improve price setting.

App Developers

Get access to develop your app on our platform

VARUNA is a smart farming services platform that offers an open access for any agricultural application developer. Both our in house and 3rd party apps are freely selectable and usable by our customer on our platform. Simply get in touch with us to discuss how we can bring your solutions to thousands of farmers in no time

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