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Varuna provides visualization and analytic platforms with satellite and drone-based data analysis to monitor crop growth and improve yield.

We Provide the customized solutions to monitor plant health, predict potential yield and optimize fertilizers use via smart farming service platform by using technology in agriculture with the aim of improving yield, efficiency, and profitability.

Farm management

We integrate our world-class geo-informatics technology (Remote Sensing Data and Drone Data ) with data analytics and machine learnings (ML) in order to identify crop cultivation, planting and harvesting dates , forecast crop production, assess  crop damages, crop progression as well as assess crop condition and much more.

Forest management

VARUNA dashboard has multi-intelligent function to support users in the area of forest management system. We integrate our geo-informatics technology (Remote Sensing Data and Drone Data ) with Machine Learning (ML) and data analytics to monitor and  estimate forest cover type and area , detect the forest tree health ,assess of ecological and bio diversity, forecast the change detection of forest and deforestation, etc