Our Technologies

Varuna provide visualization and analytic platform with satellite and drone-based data analysis to monitor crop growth and improve yield.

The Highlight

Unlock the power of a one-of-a-kind datasets with end-to-end AI-augmented smart farming analytics and services platform
Enables plant health identification and yield prediction through use of advanced analytics enabled by satellite, drone and 3rd party data sources

Crop Health Monitoring and Yield Prediction

NDVI an Green Leaf Index

***What is NDVI & Green Leaf Index (WAITING FOR CONTENT)***


15% increased yield

Up to 15% increased yield resulting from crop health monitoring and assuring critical work is carried out

75% time saved on
spraying operations

Up to 75% time saved on spraying operations from more effective application of fertilizers/pesticides

5% cost savings

Up to 5% cost savings on fertilizer and pesticides through precision spraying

VARUNA's Platform for Deforestation

Green Leaf Index and Carbon Credit
Add sentence that we are able to calculate Carbon Credit and monitoring tree growth over time.

Analytics Using
Satellite Images

Satellite image analytics


Drone image analytics


Aieng the sprayer drone

Strength #1


Strength #2


Strength #3


We are World-Leading
in Autonomous Robotics
and Artificial Intelligence

Yield Increase

Yield prediction machine learning model

With the combination of satellite and drone data along with NDVI, Green leaf index and crop height, we are able to identify the gap between the standard expected yield versus the predicted yield.

High Productivity

  • Reduction in manual monitoring and surveillance
  • Drone images help identify crop height at the early stage to plan intervention at identified high risk areas